SVG Logo not displaying properly in Internet Explorer with Qode Bridge Theme

If you are using an SVG logo with Qode Bridge theme, you will find that by default it doesn’t display properly in Internet Explorer. This is because Internet Explorer wants you to set the width and height for the logo.

I have found that you need to set both the width and height with !important to override the inline styles. If you have things looking nice in Chrome you can use F12 to open the inspector and then enable the debug console (click on the first icon at the top of the debug console or press Ctrl + Shift + C). Now click on the logo and it should tell you the width and height to use in your code. Here is the snippet you will want to add to your stylesheet:

.q_logo img, .q_logo a {
height: 43px !important;
width: 193px !important;

Replace the width and height with the width and height you want your logo to display at.

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