Visual Composer how to change image URLs in editor after moving site

I recently moved a site built by someone else from a staging server to a live server and the site was using the free version of visual composer.

I manually moved the database and files and did a search and replace using the “Better Search and Replace” plugin to change the site url.

This appeared to work and the site was loading properly. However, when I went to edit the site, none of the images were loading in the Visual Composer Editor because they were still trying to load from the staging server. When I checked and did view-source on the live site, however, it didn’t show the images loading from the staging server. So this problem was only in the editor.

After some googling I found the solution was to reset Visual Composer.

  1. Login to WordPress and go to Visual Composer -> Settings.
  2. At the bottom of the General Settings you will see a Reset section.

This fixed the issue of the images not loading in the visual composer editor, despite loading fine on the front end of the site.

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