Contact Form 7 – Salesforce CRM Integration Plugin – Connecting Custom fields with Web-to-Lead

Today I tried a new Contact Form 7 to Salesforce integration plugin from for the first time that I found on code canyon:

I was trying to connect a custom field I had added to the “Lead” object in Salesforce a couple years back. If your CF7 form has custom fields that are not in salesforce, you will need to add them to the lead or case object in Salesforce first before you can do a successful integration.  If you have not done that yet, check out this tutorial.

Once you have installed and activated the plugin you can access the initial configuration settings by clicking on CF7 – Salesforce ->Configuration in the side menu in WordPress. Full instructions for initial setup can be found here:

The issue that I ran into was that I couldn’t get my custom fields I had added in salesforce to show up in the menus where you mapped the contact form 7 fields to Salesforce. Eventually I realized that you needed to add these custom fields in the plugin as well. This is not well documented.

  • Under CF7 – Salesforce -> “Configuration” in your WordPress side menu, there is a section titled Custom Fields:

CF7 - Salesforce Custom Fields Settings

  • NOTE: these custom fields MUST be created in Salesforce before you create them in the plugin. If you have not done that yet, check out this tutorial
  • Choose either Lead or Case under Object depending on where you are mapping your form.
  • Now, you will need to login to Salesforce and find the custom field data of the custom field you created.
    • If you are using lightning, click on the Gear icon at the top right of the screen and then click on Setup
    • Under Platform tools in the side menu, choose Objects and Fields -> Object Manager
    • Choose Lead or Case from the list on the right depending on what you are looking for
    • Click on Fields & Relationships on the left menu to see all of the fields.
    • Click on the field you are looking for.
  • In the plugin:
    • Enter the Salesforce Field Label value in the Field Label field
    • Enter the Salesforce API Name value in the Field Name field ***even when you are using the Web-to-lead or Web-to-case method of integration.
    • Enter the Salesforce Data Type value in the Field Type field.

Salesforce Fields

  • Now when you click on Integration and choose your form, you will see the custom field in the dropdowns and you can map to it.

salesforce integration custom fields

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