Updated: Shared Mailbox not showing in New Outlook for Mac (Office 365)

Update: Sept 2021

As of Sept 2021, you are now able to add shared mailboxes to Outlook for Mac, it just takes some extra steps:

To add the shared Outlook mailbox on Mac:

  1. In the Tools menu, choose Accounts, and select the account that has access to the mailbox.
  2. Select Delegation and Sharing
  3. Choose Shared With Me tab
  4. Choose + to add a shared or delegated mailbox

Check this article for details Open a shared Mail, Calendar or People folder in Outlook for Mac (microsoft.com)


Prior to September 2021, this was not possible. I figured this out because in March 2021 I created a shared mailbox in an Exchange Online (office 365) admin center (no on-premise) and while Outlook users using Windows were able to get the shared mailbox to show up, one Mac user was not able to get the mailbox to show up.

The Mac user was using the version of Outlook bundled with Microsoft Office 365.

This is because at the time, shared mailboxes were not supported:

No Shared Mailboxes - Outlook for Mac

So if you are still struggling, make sure the Mac user has their Outlook version up to date.

7 thoughts on “Updated: Shared Mailbox not showing in New Outlook for Mac (Office 365)

  1. If you get an error message when trying to add a shared 365 mailbox in New Outlook for Mac, try this.
    * Switch to old Outlook.
    * Add the shared mailbox there.
    * Switch back to the New version.

    For us this brought the mailboxes in. However, and it is a big however, we had to re-enable Exchange Web Services in order for old Outlook to connect at all. As Microsoft is going to kill EWS early 2023, this workaround may have a limited shelf-life!

  2. I have a couple of shared mailboxes added in the Old Outlook but when I switch to the New Outlook they do not appear in my list of mailboxes.

    Attempts to add them while using New Outlook results in the error Cannot open this mailbox. We encountered an error while adding account. Please try again later.

    Attempts to add a Teams mailbox that I had on the Old Outlook also fail. The Teams mailbox cannot be found when searching for the mailbox to add. 🙁

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