How to Remove WPEngine Smart Plugin Manager

If you’ve ever moved a site from WPEngine and then went to the plugin screen and found that it says “Managed by WP Engine Smart Plugin Manager” then this is information you will need to remove that message.

You will either need to connect to the website by FTP, or login to cPanel to access the file manager. You will not be able to remove the plugin from within WordPress.

Navigate to the the plugins directory at /wp-content/plugins

Locate the folder named autoupdater and rename it to autoupdater-old – now check it if breaks your site.

If this breaks your site, change the folder name back to autoupdater. Now check and make sure you have a clean wp-config.php file in your root directory – you will want to remove all of the WPEngine related commands and just leave the connection information. You can use this tool here to help clean up your config file:

Once you have a clean wp-config.php file, renaming the autoupdater folder should no longer break your site. Test and find out, and then delete the folder.

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