How to fix Seriously Simple Podcasting not working on WPEngine – Files not loading

Seriously Simple Podcasting is touted as one of the easiest to use plugins to get your podcast up and running. If you are on WPEngine or any other NGINX host though, you may have installed everything, uploaded your podcast, and then clicked the play button only to be met by silence. Upon further inspection, you will see 404 errors and incorrect file paths in the developer console. The site is trying to pull the file from a different URL than the media URL that you entered.

Plugin support posted here that you can fix this problem by setting some rewrite rules with your web host.

Please add this to NGINX Before Rule

# Seriously Simple Podcasting
rewrite podcast-download/([^/]+)/([^/]*)/? /index.php?podcast_episode=$1 break;
rewrite podcast-player/([^/]+)/([^/]*)/? /index.php?podcast_episode=$1&podcast_ref=player break;

IMPORTANT: Before I went to support, I tried to add these rules myself using the Web Rules interface. It did not work. The WPEngine support rep informed me that these rules can only be added by their support team. So before you waste your time trying to make it work like me, just ask support and they will do it for you! 🙂


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